Civil Litigation Leader

Alexander J. Mezny


Mezny Alexander J.

Civil Litigation before State and Federal Trial Courts, Courts of Appeal and Administrative Tribunals

We know that litigation can be a stressful experience. However, this stress is minimized for our clients, who know from the onset of a lawsuit through trial that they are guided by experienced, thorough, and diligent attorneys who will take an aggressive approach to the litigation. Our attorneys explain the anticipated course of a lawsuit; keep clients fully advised as the litigation progresses; and listen to the clients’ input along the way, thereby creating a more understandable process. 

HolmstromKennedy litigators are versed in the procedures of the state, federal and bankruptcy courts, as well as administrative tribunals. Representation by HolmstromKennedy is also regularly sought, by clients and attorneys alike, in handling matters before both state and federal courts of appeal. From contract disputes to complex litigation, our attorneys approach each lawsuit with the same level of dedicated advocacy.

HolmstromKennedy establishes long term relationships with clients, representing them in small matters as well as in lawsuits with multimillion dollar ramifications. This enables our attorneys to understand the particular composition of each company, and effectively advise our clients in nuanced situations

HolmstromKennedy regularly represents clients in a variety of contract disputes, from those involving simple contracts to complex international business transactions. Our attorneys recognize the benefits of resolving disputes without litigation but also recognize that there are times when litigation cannot be avoided. In those instances, we will aggressively pursue litigation to obtain the most favorable result for our client in the most efficient manner possible.

The pace of business is increasing in today’s global marketplace. Transactions involving goods arise and are acted upon quickly. As a result, disputes and complications involving the sale of goods must also be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Our attorneys have extensive experience with both Uniform Commercial Code transactions and litigation and, therefore, when a business calls upon HolmstromKennedy, appropriate decisions can be made quickly. Individual debtors may also engage in conduct prior the commencement of their bankruptcy that could prevent the discharge of their indebtedness to a creditor. Our attorneys have represented a number of creditors over the years in successfully opposing the discharge of the dishonest or fraudulent debtor.

HolmstromKennedy advises policyholders regarding questions of coverage under their insurance policies, and represents policyholders in insurance coverage disputes with their insurers. We believe that our clients purchase insurance for peace of mind, and are entitled to rely upon the commitments of their insurers when it matters most – when a loss has occurred. Accordingly, we serve our clients by vigorously pursuing their insurance claims against insurers who refuse to honor their legal obligations.

Creditors are often required to enforce their rights within the courts. We have represented a wide variety of creditors in the enforcement of their claims before the state and federal courts including both secured and unsecured creditors, landlords and lessors of real and personal property.

Our attorneys have assisted creditors in the exercise of a multitude of remedies including the foreclosure of their security interests in personal property, mortgages and liens against real estate, the termination of leases of real and personal property as well as the enforcement of other rights and obligations of parties pursuant to lease agreements and other contracts. We have also assisted numerous unsecured creditors in the enforcement of their claims against debtors before all courts.