Civil Litigation

We know that litigation can be a stressful experience. However, this stress is minimized for our clients, who know from the onset of a lawsuit through trial that they are guided by experienced, thorough, and diligent attorneys who will take an aggressive approach to the litigation.

Corporate & Business

Business owners and executives challenged by complex legal issues turn to HolmstromKennedy’s experienced Corporate & Business Law Group to resolve their issues efficiently and promptly. HolmstromKennedy represents an array of entities, from large corporations with multiple subsidiaries, to small, family owned start-ups and tax-exempt organizations.

Employment & Labor

Employers today must comply with a daunting array of employment and labor laws. Beyond compliance, effective employment policies and practices are key to the success of any business.

Health Care

HolmstromKennedy has been representing the health care industry for over thirty years – from hospitals to physician group practices, other provider entities and individual practitioners.

Intellectual Property

No area of the law has grown more quickly in the past ten years than Intellectual Property, and HolmstromKennedy has continued to be thought a leader in the area throughout that time.

Real Estate

Our real estate practice is a foundation of this firm. Our team of sophisticated legal professionals can meet the challenges of the most complex real estate transactions.

Trusts & Estates

Estate planning consists of much more than simply designating who is to receive your assets upon your death. The impact of estate taxes, the possibility of creditors’ claims, the ability of your beneficiaries to prudently manage an inheritance, the desire to keep one’s financial affairs private and confidential, and numerous other factors need to be considered.